sports injuryAt Ramsey Sport and Spine, we believe that exercise is the best medicine. The physical and mental benefits of physical activity and exercise cannot be denied. However, with over 10 million sports injuries per year, the risks must not be denied either. We understand the nuances of sports medicine and the importance of a taking a proactive approach to injuries. Whether you’re suffering from frozen shoulder, a knee injury or a sprained ankle, we can customize a sport injury rehabilitation program that will get you moving again in no time.

Sports Medicine You Can Depend On

Our sport injury experts and certified athletic trainer treat a wide range of issues that affect the musculoskeletal system, restoring function to anyone dealing with injuries to the muscles, bones and tissue. Whether it’s a knee injury or hip pain, or frozen shoulder or tendonitis, we will customize a treatment program complete with physical therapy, chiropractic and/or acupuncture to restore your function and decrease your pain.

Sports medicine and sport injury pain relief is a major reason our patients seek treatment with our chiropractic and PT experts, and certified athletic trainer. And just like them, you too will find that your pain is relieved, your muscle tightness decreases and true healing will begin. In addition, many athletes find that routine chiropractic treatments help prevent a sport injury and help to realign the spine after extended physical activity. Together, we will create a road to recovery and wellness that’s perfectly suited to your unique needs.

If you’ve suffered a sport injury or would like a proactive approach to preventing injury, contact the sports medicine professionals at Ramsey Sport and Spine today at 201-327-1400.